Wooden Toy Junction

About Wooden Toy Junction

Here at Wooden Toy Junction master woodworker Vinny Caruso applies over thirty years of know how and craftsmanship into these thoughtfully designed hand made toys. Together with his son Paul, history and humble pride are skillfully carved into each and every chosen piece of clear white pine.

In a marketplace saturated with imported plastics and virtual reality, Wooden Toy Junction proudly presents these all natural non-toxic classics made from beautiful, sustainable harvested wood. 

Accept no imitations! Every item created at Wooden Toy Junction is hand stamped for approval with The Wooden Toy Junction branding iron and packaged for shipment using only water soluble biodegradable cellulosic packing material.

When you purchase a product from Wooden Toy Junction your children aren’t just playing with quality, they’re preserving part of our great country’s heritage. Our toys are designed and created with family legacy in mind, built to last and to be passed on from generation to generation.

Welcome to Wooden Toy Junction.

“All aboard!”

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