Wooden Toy Junction


Answered by Toy Craftsman Vinny Caruso


Q. What kind of wood are the toys made out of?

A. Our toys are made of clear "eastern white pine". White pine is a soft wood making it a perfect wood for toys. It's tough enough to handle a child's playing yet the richness and softness of the grain give each toy it's own uniqness. Left unfinished, pine develops a golden petina with age.

All of our toys can be made from other wood species by request.


Q. How do I care for my WTJ toys?

A. Pine will naturally turn a golden color after it has been exposed to light and air, the toys need no attention or care to last. Dents and dings are expected with use and will add to the character of the toys. A medium grit sandpaper will take off most spills or stains. These toys are intended for indoor use, the non-toxic glue doesn't hold up to constant moisture.


Q. Can I paint or stain my WTJ toys?

A. All of our products are paint and stain ready if you choose to, just watch the paint in the joints and moving parts.

. Where is Wooden Toy Junction located and can my family visit the shop?

A. Wooden Toy Junction is located right here on the World Wide Web. The shop where we build the toys in my backyard in Pembroke, Massachusetts. Due to insurance regulations visitors are not allowed.


Q. My daughter wants to bring her pull duck along for our family walks,
will the concrete damage the wheels?

A. Concrete and asphalt will cause the wheels to dent but will not harm the toy, a medium grit sandpaper will get them back to new. The non-toxic glue doesn't hold up to constant moisture so watch out for those puddles.

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